'Apocalypse: Choral music by David Lancaster' Receives 5-Star Review

The UYMP office was delighted read a glowing 5-star review of Ex Corde Vocal Ensemble's new CD Apocalypse: Choral music by David Lancaster, directed by Paul Gameson and released on Resonus. The disc features a programme consisting of three choral works by Lancaster, and the review by Clare Stevens was published in the January/February issue of Choir and Organ magazine.

Stevens praises the recording as "fascinating and impressive", acknowledging the contributions of the "extremely competent" performers. The 14th-century poem The Pricke of Conscience is noted as the inspiration for Lancaster's Apocalypse, with the "rapturous" Magnificat and "substantial work" At the Edge of the World also highly commended.

The full review can be found in the latest issue here.