'A highly individual musical voice' - 5 star review from Musical Opinion for Simaku's Ensemble Intercontemporain soloists on NMC

Following glowing reviews from the BBC Music Magazine and Crescendo Magazine in Brussels, another five star review of Thomas Simaku's NMC D278 CD 'SOLO' has been published, in Musical Opinion (Winter 2023; Issue 1537). Established in 1877, the prestigious British Quarterly is ‘the longest serving continually published classical music magazine in the world’.

Renowned British critic Paul Conway is deeply impressed with Simaku’s ‘powerfully eloquent music’ and ‘authoritative performances’ by soloists of Ensemble Intercontemporain Jérôme Comte, Dimitri Vassilakis, Aurélien Gignoux and Clément Saunier. Commenting in detail on each of the five works exploiting ‘a single instrument’s expressive range with a keen imagination and sense of adventure’, the reviewer describes Soliloquy VII for clarinet as a “deeply eloquent, often disarmingly graceful piece {where} technical virtuosity is placed entirely at the service of expressive warmth and clarity.”

Concluding his review, Paul Conway writes: ‘Thomas Simaku has a highly individual musical voice and his sensitive, inventive scores command attention and repay repeated hearings.  Superbly recorded and produced, this NMC release is heartily recommended.’