Albanian Wedding Song 'Qenke veshur me të bardha' Thomas Simaku

Albanian Wedding Song 'Qenke veshur me të bardha' cover
3 mins

Choir, unaccompanied Female Voice Choir

2 Soprano, 1 Alto

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SSA choir

Programme note

This song is part of a set published as Three Albanian Folk Songs for Female Choir. Qenke veshur me të bardha (Dressed in White - Kosova) is the most popular wedding song which is sung not only in Kosova, but in every Albanian wedding. As in most folk songs, these tunes are remarkably short. The melodies themselves have not been altered, but have been extended, enriched in texture, and presented in different ways. The melodic lines serve as a point of departure for the proliferation of a distinct harmonic vocabulary for each song. Within the overall folk idiom of the piece, each song has its own flavour and character. © Thomas Simaku

University of York vocal ensemble The 24 cond. AdamTreadaway, York Spring Festival, Sir Jack Lyons Concert Hall, York, 22nd June 2010
  • 28 Mar 2015 | California, USA | Cornell University Choir, Conducted by Robert Isaacs