Albanian Folk Song 'Moj e Bukura Moré' (My Beautiful Morea) (instrumental version) Thomas Simaku

Albanian Folk Song 'Moj e Bukura Moré' (My Beautiful Morea) (instrumental version) cover
4 mins 30 secs

Solos, Duos & Trios Duos •• Solo Instrument and Piano

1 Mezzo Soprano, 1 Flute, 1 Alto Flute, 1 Oboe, 1 Cor anglais, 1 B-flat Clarinet, 1 Bass Clarinet in B-flat, 1 Soprano Saxophone, 1 Piano

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wind instrument and piano

Programme note

Moj e Bukura Moré (My Beautiful Morea) has its origin in Southern Italy, in Calabria, where an Albanian community has lived for more than 500 years, and so has the song! The tenderness of the melodic lines expresses the love for the distant homeland, which according to legend can be seen from the Calabrian mountain-tops. As in most folk songs, this tune is remarkably short.

The melody itself has not been altered, but has been extended, enriched in texture and presented in different ways. The melodic lines serve as a point of departure for the proliferation of a distinct harmonic vocabulary. © Thomas Simaku

Flute version: ISMN-M-57036-656-9

Alto Flute version: ISMN-M-57036-657-6

Oboe version: ISMN-M-57036-658-3

Cor Anglais version: ISMN-M-57036-659-0

Clarinet version: ISMN-M-57036-660-6

Bass Clarinet version: ISMN-M-57036-661-3

Bassoon version: ISMN-M-57036-662-0

Soprano Saxophone version: ISMN M-57036-751-1

  • 23 Nov 2018 | 6:30pm |

    Robinson College Chapel, University of Cambridge


    Dr K Sextet

  • 15 Apr 2018 | 3:00pm |

    Holywell Music Room

    Holywell Street 
    Oxford, OX1 3BN


    Dr K. Sextet 

  • 4 Mar 2017 | 7:30pm |

    St. Saviourgate Unitarian Chapel, York


    Dr K. Sextet

  • 19 Nov 2016 | 6:00pm |

    Jokkmokks Gamla Kyrka, Borgargatan 9 Jokkmokk, SE


    Anders Paulsson and Kristina Shtegman

  • 13 Feb 2016 | 3:30pm |

    Djanogly Music School, Nottingham


    Scaw Duo

  • 12 Feb 2016 | 1:00pm |

    Pavilion Arts Centre, Buxton


    SCAW Duo:
    Sarah Watts, bass clarinet
    Antony Clare, piano

  • 7 Nov 2015 | 6:30pm |

    St. John's Church, Waterloo Road, London


    Sarah Watts (bass clarinet), Antony Clare (piano)