A Not-So-Sonatine Sadie Harrison

A Not-So-Sonatine cover
9 mins
2013 to 2016

Solos, Duos & Trios Duos •• Solo Instrument and Piano

1 Piano, 1 Double bass

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double bass and piano

Programme note

A-Not-So-Sonatine is so called as it is rather more than a sonatine, being uncharacteristically virtuosic for both double and piano. The piece is a light-hearted piece which references the plethora of accessible mid-twentieth century sonatines with delight! The second movement is also known as Josie’s Piece, premiered by Josie Jobbins in 2014 at the Taunton Young Musician of the Year Final. A-Not-So-Sonatine is dedicated to the virtuoso bassist, David Heyes. The work is in four movements:

Molto moto!
Molto cantabile
Molto scherzando
Molto brillante!

A-Not-So-Sonatine was premiered at the Auditorio de Almuñecar (Granada, Spain) on 30th November 2015 by bassist Frano Kakarigi and pianist Juan José Muñoz Cañivano.

VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TfVmQ49rN7s

Frano Kakarigi (double bass) Juan José Muñoz Cañivano (piano), Auditorio de Almuñecar, Granada, Spain, 30th November 2015
  • 9 Apr 2016 |

    El Auditorio del Instituto de Américas de Santa Fe, Granada, Spain


    Frano Kakarigi (double bass), Ángel Jábega (piano)

  • 30 Nov 2015 | 8:00pm |

    Sala de conferencias Casa de Cultura, Almuñecar, Granada


    Frano Kakarigi (double bass), Juan José Muñoz Canivano (piano)