Stacking, Weaving, Building, Joining James Weeks


Small Ensemble Variable Number of Players

6 Variable Instruments

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any number of pitched instruments (at least 6)

Programme note

Stacking, Weaving, Building, Joining consists of 64 detached pieces of material: - those with repeat marks may be repeated as many times as desired. - those without repeat marks may be repeated as many times as desired, or played only once. - those without repeat marks may also be played not in their entirety, but instead looping (always from the beginning) any number of bars and repeating them (for example bars 1-3 repeated). All the music should be played rhythmically and robustly. Players may either synchronise tempi with all or some of those around them, or not, or go between synchronised and non-synchronised. All the music can be played at any octave. The pitches themselves must always be respected, and players of transposing instruments should ensure that they play the material at concert pitch. Other performance decisions are at the discretion of the players or their director.

Duration: variable.

The Hola with CoMA Sussex, Brighton, March 2007