Kauri Anthony Gilbert

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11 mins

Solos, Duos & Trios Solos •• Solos (other instruments)

1 Tuba

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solo tuba

Programme note

The magnificent Kauri tree is once again fairly common in much of New Zealand, though due to land clearance and logging in the early years of British colonisation really ancient examples are quite rare.  This piece celebrates the survival of one such, which has perched on the edge of an escarpment in the Waitakere Ranges of North Island for two-thirds of the last millennium witnessing some dramatic changes in the fortunes of the rainforest below it.

The form of the piece reflects that of the tree in question, and its techniques are comparable in age:  an inexorable isorhythm whose long values gradually diminish, supporting a spreading, sprawling chant decorated but never overwhelmed by numerous frond-like accretions.  Every now and again bell-like sounds and phrases curiously reminiscent of some distant Parliament emerge and disappear, leaving the chant ultimately triumphant.

Kauri was commissioned by James Gourlay, and completed in October 2002.  He gave the first performance at the Clothworkers Centenary hall, Leeds, in March 2003.

James Gourlay, Clothworkers' Centenary Hall, Leeds, 13th March 2003
  • 10 May 2006 | 1:10pm |

    Sonic Skylines days at RNCM/Manchester University, Cosmo Rodewald Concert Hall


    James Gourlay (tuba)