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Pianthology is a new collection of seven contemporary piano works by living composers which includes a recording of each of the works performed by Nicky Losseff, the volume's editor.

Nicky Losseff, who combines a Senior Lectureship at the University of York with an active career as a concert pianist, has written extensive performance and analysis notes on all of the works, giving helpful suggestions about the study and performance of each piece in turn. The anthology is aimed at university and conservatoire level piano students, but will serve as an excellent introduction to new music for the piano for any dedicated player looking to broaden their range.

Pianthology was launched at the York University Spring New Music Festival on 8th May 2008, when all seven works were performed, some by Nicky Losseff and some by her students from the University of York.

Includes Nicky Losseff's recordings of all works.

Pianthology is now available as a resource and interactive learning tool, on Tido Music.