Firewheel Recording

Dark Inventions, cond. Christopher Leedham, soprano Stef Conner

The Firewheel Anthology brings together a number of seemingly disparate compositional voices, yet is united by an attention to line and melody. From the lucid tune and flowing metre of The Cruel Mother, to the modern polyphony and rhythmical freedom of Three Inventions, there is a striking contrast between approaches to the treatment of horizontal material and vertical harmony. Nevertheless, the deliberate attention to these factors, and the integrity of each composer’s decisions, has led to a series of works that shift from one to the next with satisfying contrasts yet unifying parallels.

Recorded (on 16-17th February 2015) and mastered by Jez Wells at the Music Research Centre, University of York. Produced by Christopher Leedham and Martin Scheuregger.

Track list:

  1. Uhtceare – Patrick John Jones
  2. Death and the Lady – arr. Scheuregger
  3. Firewheel – Philip Cashian
  4. The Shipwrecked Ghost – Stef Conner
  5. Möbius Sticks – Christopher Leedham
  6. Thee Inventions – Benjamin Gait
  7. The Four Last Things – Martin Scheuregger
  8. The Cruel Mother – arr. Leedham

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