New recording of Lumsdaine works

A new release from Metier in February features two works by David Lumsdaine alongside two by Nicola LeFanu. The album, Mandala 3, features Lumsdaine's fire in leaf and grass and title track, Mandala 3. Reviews of the recording are starting to come in.

Featuring the Gemini ensemble, directed by Ian Mitchell, this album receives praise from John France of MusicWeb International for "interesting, moving and often downright gorgeous music." Lumsdaine's works are described at "attractive" and "impressionistic", presenting a "curious mixture that needs to be heard to understand."

Another review from Grego Edwards of Gapplegate Classical Modern Music describes Lumsdaine's "eerie, masterful work" as "a joy to hear." He applauds the interesting contrast on the album as a whole and highly recommends it,

(6 Mar 2017)

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