Luís Tinoco's work, 'Short Cuts', performed by the Apollo Saxophone Quartet

On November 23rd, 2018, at the Bridgewater Hall in Manchester, the Apollo Saxophone Quartet will once again perform Luís Tinoco’s work for saxophone quartet, Short Cuts.

Commissioned by the Apollo Saxophone Quartet, with funds made available by the Arts Council of North West England, this work was first performed by the Apollo Saxophone Quartet at Atlantic Waves Festival, Union Chapel, London, on 1st December, 2004.

Concerning this work, Tinoco writes that ‘the main purpose is to play with two possible meanings for "short cuts". That is, both with the idea of sharp and cutting musical gestures and the idea of taking a different, shorter, path to reach a specific destination. But, most of all, it was written thinking of the wonderful sonority and the rare qualities of the ASQ, to whom the work is dedicated.’

When this work was first premiered, the Apollo Saxophone Quartet recounted that ‘this dazzling new work from Portuguese composer Luís Tinoco again takes the ASQ into new territory, with the energy of the piece being generated by a skilful use of false fingered notes, passed around the group beneath a shimmering texture of semiquavers. Scored for two soprano, tenor and baritone saxophones, this piece mirrors the configuration of the string quartet, and brings the ASQ’s sound to life in a new and exciting way.’

Here at UYMP, we consequently hope that Tinoco and the Apollo Saxophone Quartet have a fantastic concert.

(30 Jul 2018)

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