The UYMP office is operating with very limited hours while staff are on furlough. You can still obtain music from our catalogue in the usual way, from, and hire from our agent Wise Music Classical. Please contact UYMP composers directly, via their own websites, if you have any queries.


We are delighted that Sadie has continued to receive premieres during lockdown with new works written for the pianist Rolf Hind and members of the Kreutzer String Quartet - Peter Sheppard Skaerved, Mihailo Trandilovski and Clifton Harrison. 

Rolf Hind premiered the miniature ‘Barkarolle’ on 15 May 2020 as part of his ongoing series of online performances of new works composed in lockdown:

The Kreutzers have now premiered 3 movements from Sadie’s new series ’The River Dreams of Winter’ for string quartet written during lockdown. The piece is based on artwork by Peter Sheppard Skaerved. The spectacular online performances have been ‘compiled’ by Peter from recordings made individually by himself, Mihailo and Clifton. The movements completed so far include a solo violin piece Slackwater-Midnight-Mist presented by Peter in his online series Opening the Composer’s Workshop:

Slackwater-Midnight-Mist (youtube)

a gentle violin duo entitled 

The River Dreams of Winter II (youtube)

and a trio for 2 violins and viola entitled

City streets, dead ends, open windows, conversations, car horns, retracing steps, into the country! (youtube)

We are extremely grateful that these fabulous musicians are continuing to support Sadie through this period of such uncertainty and hoping that the new works will be heard live before too long.