Frederick Viner’s ‘Herz an Herz’ performed by William Howard

Here at UYMP, we are very pleased that a recording of Frederick Viner’s solo piano work Herz an Herz, performed by William Howard, has been released.

Herz an Herz was awarded 1st prize in the Under-25 category of William Howard’s Love Song Composition Competition in 2016.

Viner writes, ‘Herz an Herz, as the title implies (heart to heart), is a love duet. Two distinct voices, characterised through their respective male and female vocal registers, negotiate a warm, heartfelt melody through a loosely strophic form. Initially the voices sing in turn, each section - or verse - led predominantly by one. Each time their lines entwine, virtuosic flourishes ascend the keyboard, interrupting to render them silent again. It is only after one particularly tumultuous episode that the true duet appears: out of the murky resonances of the lowest 'A' emerges the throbbing chords and impassioned vocal lines from Wagner's famous duet, O sink hernieder, Nacht der Liebe from the second act of Tristan und Isolde. The 'singers', now reconciled, come together for one final verse before a fleeting memory of the beginning gently ushers in the end of the piece.’

We very much hope that many of you will take the opportunity to listen to the recording of this sublime love duet by our newest UYMP composer.

(22 Mar 2018)

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