British Youth Opera to perform David Blake (music) and Keith Warner’s (libretto) musical entertainment ‘Scoring a Century’

‘Ladies and gentlemen… the couple time almost forgot… THE JEDERMANNS!’

Directed by Keith Warner, within August and September, 2019, British Youth Opera with the Southbank Sinfonia will perform David Blake’s Scoring a Century at the Peacock Theatre, Holburn, London, as part of their summer season.

This is a low entertainment for highbrows, or vice-versa. It is the history of Mr. and Mrs. Jedermann, a couple of song and dance merchants, and incidentally of the twentieth century too. The Jedermanns stumble through the momentous events, politics and social change of the twentieth century, from wars and politics to Hollywood and Fox News, never aging and only begrudgingly developing. Their sole aim is to provide some songs and snatches, to raise a laugh or provoke a tear.

The form the piece adopts is more that of musical comedy than opera. It is a modern Singspiel, a review of a century in nineteen panels. There is dialogue and songs, but from time to time the action is interrupted by through-composed mini-operas which contain the serious, imaginative heart of the show.

The London premiere of this clever, witty opera, is a chance to see the next generation of opera stars on stage right at the beginning of their professional careers. We would therefore urge all of our readers to go and see what promises to be an amazing performance.

Tickets are available for August 31st, and September 4th, 6th, and 7th (cover performance) here.

(30 May 2019)

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