WeChat selects Tinoco's 'The Blue Voice of the Water'

UYMP is delighted that hugely popular Chinese media site ‘WeChat’ (‘weixin’) has chosen Luis Tinoco’s ‘The Blue Voice of the Water’ CD on Odradek as an Editor’s recommendation.  The Editor writes: 'Composer Luis Tinoco spent most of his life living at the confluence of the Tagus River and the Atlantic Ocean, wrapped in a bright blue sky all day long in Lisbon. The four modern orchestral works in the album are performed by four orchestras. The composer cleverly used orchestral music in "O Sotaque Azul Das Auguas" to talk about....

... the deep historical origins between Portugal and Brazil, creating a magnificent world of music, reflecting the beauty of the ocean through the fascinating waves. The waves finally set off huge waves. Close your eyes, relax, and place yourself in the blue ocean outlined by the composer, and feel the ebb and flow of the sea.’

‘The Blue Voice of the Water’ was also broadcast in the USA, early in May:

https://www.wcny.org/s4-37-water-music/ .

In addition to this, the Brazilian première was streamed on the OSESP’s (Orquestra Sinfônica do Estado de São Paulo) channel:


The full album was also aired in Croatia in early May:


(3 Jun 2020)

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