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Lancaster’s ‘Swan’ quartet features on RTE Lyric FM

We are delighted that David Lancaster’s haunting saxophone quartet Swan was broadcast on RTE Lyric FM on Saturday 27th March, on the programme Purple Vespertine.  The presenter Ellen Cranitch applauded Lancaster’s work and its performance, saying: ‘It paints a great picture indeed’.  The performance had been recorded by the Delta Saxophone Quartet on their recent album ‘Bowie, Berlin and Beyond’.

Swan may be heard 50 minutes into the programme, at 22:50 hours.  The programme, featuring plenty of ‘swan-inspired’ music, was put together to celebrate ‘World SWAN Day’ (‘Support Women Artists Now’ Day) on 27th March and the presenter promised ‘plenty of swantastic tuneage’ for the three hours of late-night transmission!  Lancaster's Swan and the complete broadcast make for entertaining and relaxing listening. You may access the complete 27th March programme here.  The album may be purchased from Amazon or from