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Tinoco’s ‘Archipelago’ CD receives another excellent review - in Percussive Notes

Luis Tinoco’s CD ‘Archipelago’, recorded on Odradek with Drumming Grupo de Percussāo (Drumming GP), has received a glowing review in Percussive Notes, Vol. 58, No. 5, October 2020.  Joseph Van Hassel writes: 'I was very excited to check out the music on this disc, and I was not disappointed!’ 

The reviewer continues:

‘The disc starts with “Short Cuts (F)” for percussion quartet (two vibraphones and two marimbas). It was originally written for saxophone quartet and arranged for percussion by the composer. The piece is a sort of perpetual motion with lengthy sections of repeated notes interrupted by, as Tinoco describes them, “short and cutting gestures.” “Mind the Gap” is for solo marimba, and it consists of four short movements having to do with walking and traveling around London, England. This entertaining and varied work is performed with virtuosity by André Dias.

‘Perhaps my favorite piece on the CD, the three movement “Genetically Modified Fados,” is for percussion quartet and prerecorded sounds. Written for Drumming GP, this haunting work uses historic Fado recordings modified by the composer, with the percussion quartet at times almost sounding as an accompaniment, utilizing rolled marimbas, bowed metals, and much more. I think it is a tribute to the composer that it is often difficult to tell what sounds come from the recording and what sounds come from the musicians.’

Of Zoom In – Zoom out Van Hassel writes that Tinoco is attempting to ‘relate to the popular music of Brazil without simply quoting it’.  Of Archipelago, the title track, for solo vibraphone and tuned wah-wah tubes, Van Hassel says: ‘The microtonal differences in tuning between the two instruments create a memorable and atmospheric sound, and Bernat is called upon to perform with mallets, hands, and bows.’

Steel Factory, the final piece on the CD is  an ‘alternately energetic and beautifully relaxed work’ and Van Hassel rates it ‘a unique addition to the steel drum repertoire’. The reviewer concludes: ‘Along with the enjoyment of simply listening, all of these pieces are very worthy of consideration for performance by professional and advanced college soloists and ensembles. Do yourself a favor and check this recording out!’ 

'Archipelago' - ODRADEK ODRCD398.