Time Stands Still Philip Venables

Time Stands Still cover
Text/libretto by
John Dowland
6 mins

Voice, accompanied Voice(s) & 1-3 Instruments

1 Soprano, 1 Guitar

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soprano and guitar

Programme note

Time Stands Still is a free response to Dowland’s song by the same name. It uses the same principal notes in the vocal line: a downward major scale. In this case, F major. Around this long, mostly static vocal line is spun a vigorous guitar accompaniment, which is mainly independent of the vocal line. I wanted to explore the idea of stasis and motion. The
harmony of this piece is quite static, but the gestures are always moving, with the exception of the slow, pulseless, final section of the piece.

The only words used are those of the title “Time stands still”.

Time Stands Still was commissioned for the Sing Softly tour by Juliet Fraser. It was first performed at the Soundwaves festival, The Pavilion Theatre, Brighton, on Friday 27th June 2008, by Juliet Fraser (soprano) and Alan Thomas (guitar).

Juliet Fraser (soprano) and Alan Thomas (guitar), Soundwaves Festival, The Pavilion Theatre, Brighton, 27th June 2008