Columba Canticles Laurence Roman

Columba Canticles cover
Text/libretto by
Sacred text plus words by Sam Burnside
41 mins

Choir, accompanied Choir and Orchestra

1 Soprano, 1 Alto, 1 Tenor, 1 Bass, 1 Flute, 1 Oboe, 1 Cor anglais, 2 B-flat Clarinet (=Bass Clarinet in B-flat), 2 Bassoon, 2 Horn in F, 1 Harp, 1 Harpsichord, 1 Narrator, 2 Violin, 1 Viola, 1 Violoncello, 1 Double bass, 1 Orchestral Strings, 1 Uilleann pipes

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narrator, SATB choir, harp, Uilleann pipes and string orchestra

Programme note

Columba Canticles seeks to explore the medium and tradition of devotional music in a fresh and contemporary way. All the movements embrace the convention of including a cantus firmus or plainsong. Several of these Gregorian chants date back to the 9th Century and have, ever since, provided the creative backbone to a vast body of ecclesiastical music. In Columba Canticles, whenever you hear something sung in Latin, you can be sure that somewhere in the background there also hovers one of these ancient chants.

I. Kyrie - The Choir Vestry

II. Gloria in Excelsis

III. The Chapter House

IV. The Nave - The Bell Tower

V. Sanctus

VI. Sunday School - Agnus Dei

  • 14 Jun 2014 | 7:30pm |

    St Machar's Cathedral, Aberdeen


    Choirs of the Universities of Aberdeen and Ulster. Conductor, Shaun Ryan. Uilleann piper: Christopher McMullan