Sinfin Anthony Gilbert

Sinfin cover
7 mins

Solos, Duos & Trios Solos •• Solo percussion

1 Vibraphone

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solo vibraphone

Programme note

Sinfin is the third in a group of four works for woodwind instruments and/or vibraphone responding to the powerful imagery of the great rose windows of Chartres Cathedral.  It reflects upon the South Rose, a bright Apocalypse vision, showing the Deity surrounded by eight censing angels, the four beasts of the Apocalypse and by twenty-four musicians bearing a variety of plucked instruments.  The number seven is of significance in the Apocalypse, and in the architecture of this Cathedral.  So Sinfin has seven sections forming a complete circle, from skeletal mirror-chord sequence through plainchant and increasingly dance-like developments over the implicit 27-bar chord-sequence to a climax followed by a return of the chords, now given in full.

Sinfin was written for Miguel Bernat of the Duo Contemporain, who gave its first performance in Perth, Australia, in 2000.  The duration is just under nine minutes.

The work also exists in versions for vibraphone duo (Sinfin parados) and for an ensemble of pitched percussion (Sinfin 2).

Totally Huge New Music Festival, Perth, Australia, 11th May 2000
  • 24 Jan 2005 |

    Kettle's Yard, Cambridge


    Owen Gunnell (vibraphone)